Friday, July 13, 2012

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Get Via a Distance Learning Education?

One Year Diplomas

After high school, the most basic level of post-secondary education that is out there is typically something that would come in the form of a one year (or shorter) diploma course. These courses come in a variety of different types that are generally designed to provide someone with enough education to get them an entry level job in a variety of industries. These include things like diplomas in business, secretarial programs, and programs designed to provide an introduction to certain trades, such as locksmithing or electrician work (although the latter will usually require a job site apprenticeship as well as such a course).

Bachelors Degrees

Today, you can also study for a bachelors degree via a distance learning education. For most people that are planning on attending a formal university, this is where their education starts. For some, a bachelors degree can provide an entry into the job market. For others, it can provide a stepping stone to further education. Many professional schools, such as those that focus on law and medicine, require a participant to first complete an undergraduate degree before they can apply to those schools.

Because these learning options are now available online, it means that a person can study for a bachelors degree in any discipline via a distance learning education. However, in the world of physical schools, you are limited to what you can study simply by the distance that you are willing to travel to attend a certain school. Bachelors degrees are available online in fields such as the arts, business and economics, social sciences, hard sciences, engineering, and more.

Masters Degrees

For many individuals, a bachelors degree is only the start of their education. This includes people who wish to complete a bachelors degree with the purpose in mind of immediately pursuing further education, as well as those who have been away from school for many years and realized that their job progression has been halted because they don't have a graduate degree. Through distance learning education, it is possible for both of these types to obtain their MA or MBA degrees through one of the many accredited graduate programs that are available to them.

PhD Degrees

Doctorates and PhD Degrees are also available through distance learning education, showing that it is possible to attain even the highest levels of education via correspondence and online education options. Doctorates can be obtained in subjects as varied as psychology to economics.


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